Glam Girl

Procreate with Apple Pencil

In 2022, after becoming a mom, I found myself drawing less than I had before. Sometimes, I would go weeks without creating anything. So to keep the creative juices fresh, every now and then I make it a goal to draw everyday of a week straight even if it was just five minutes a day. This piece is a result of one of those weeks.

Fun Facts

  • I don’t like to name my pieces, that’s why she’s just “Glam girl”
  • Face tattoos and vampire teeth are a signature feature of my drawings that developed sometime in 2021. I haven’t decided if these will continue to be included in my drawings or if I’ll discontinue them after a certain point in time! They might be limited features ;P

Process Video

Finishing Effects

  • Grain
  • Hue/Saturation
  • Bloom
  • Animation with Procreate Animation Assistant

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