Making of Geisha Girl Pattern

This pattern was inspired by Asian prints and patterns – from the girls all the way down to the background patterns.

I thought it would be cool to post some time lapse process videos and breakdown the individual pieces used to create this pattern.

The Girls

I created each illustration in Procreate as a different file then vectorized them in illustrator.



The Floral

The sakura pattern is the first background layer. The flowers are in a spring-ish color palette. The hardest part here was finding the right scale for the flowers so that they weren’t too distracting. This is the original study.

After combing it with the girls, I adjusted the scale and added textures to each of the flowers.

This pattern is also used again at a smaller scale in the last layer before the background color.

The Clouds and Mountains

The third layer is of some clouds and mountains. The mountains also contain a pattern to give a bit more depth and texture to the background.

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