The Wedding Chatbot

For our wedding, I wanted to do something a little more interactive than just a postcard for the details for our big day. I thought it would be fun to build a chatbot that would know all the details for the wedding. Because chatbots are used pretty often in online interactions people are familiar with how to interact with them – designing the functionality of my bot was easy. All I had to do was not recreate the wheel.

From a UX perspective here, the challenge was more about how to make the bot fun to interact with and to make sure that the bot felt like a trusted extension of our wedding (aka branded).

To accomplish this I relied on the visuals and the tone of the bot. I flexed some of my visual design skills and created branding elements that could be used seamlessly between digital and print elements – from colors to floral to fonts. The personality of the bot comes through in it’s replies – and also resembles the personalities of both my husband and I. Helpful – but also never too serious. Chat here.¬†

For the most part, people just stuck the paper invites on the fridge and that was that. We must have easy friends because there wasn’t a lot of questions from everyone lol. But the few who did go and ask the bot some questions said that the bot provided useful information and was and easy to use.


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