Shiny Scrunchies

As of September 2018, the shiny scrunchie has been added to the product list! While using up the last of my spring 2018 prints to make a batch a scrunchies, I ran out of solid colored fabric. Because I was planning to buy new prints at the end of the year in different colors, I didn’t want to buy a whole new set of solids so I had to figure out how I could something to match all the current prints. Gold has always been present in my products whether it be a sewn product, a card, or a print and so I thought why not step it up a notch?

I headed down to Kaimuki Dry Goods, my go to local fabric store, and found this beautiful gold knit fabric that matched perfectly with all my prints! I’m crossing my fingers that it will also match the following rounds of prints. 😉

I’m am extremely happy with how the gold knit paired up once sewn with the prints. I was a little concerned with how the cotton/knit combo but it turned out ok. I did end up having to hand sew the last step of the process though (closing up the scrunchies after the elastic was in).

I plan to make a handful of these each round and sell them at $6 instead of $5 since the knit fabric costs a little more and requires the hand sewing step. I also plan to add a knit custom print fabric to the mix with the next round.


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