In addition to hanging my patterns in the upcoming show, I am planning to take advantage of the opening at full force. Stickers, prints, possibly a few t-shirts and a handful of coloring books.

stickers-golden-girls-01 stickers-golden-girls-02 stickers-golden-girls-03 stickers-golden-girls-04 stickers-golden-girls-05 stickers-golden-girls-06 stickers-golden-girls-07 stickers-golden-girls-08

Above set is from my “Golden Girl” piece and the set below is from my pattern “Sweet Tooth”.

stickers-candy-01 stickers-candy-02 stickers-candy-03 stickers-candy-04 stickers-candy-05 stickers-candy-06 stickers-candy-07 stickers-candy-08 stickers-candy-09 stickers-candy-10 stickers-candy-11

Currently I’m working on vectorizing “Droppin Beats” and “Vrooms”.


beatDropping-bw-apr-2016 vrooms-bw-April2016

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