Bucketfeet Entry No. 01

I received an email from Bucketfeet.com that they were accepting submissions of shoes designs around the themes of science, the environment, graffiti and travel. All of which I had designs for just laying around. I decided to just go for it and submit a floral that I had been vectorizing for my own projects anyways. You might recognize it from past posts. šŸ™‚

Thought I’d also post a little bit of process while I’m at it.

Step 1: Create the pieces

I had to break apart my original pattern in order to make it repeatable. I vectorized 5 major elements from the pattern and just changed the color depending on where they ended up in the layout.

Step 2: ColorĀ the piecesĀ 

Bucketfeet only allows your to use six colors in your design. So I chose the following. I’ve also just realized that if we include black that would be 7….oops!Ā buckfeet-process-pieces-02

Step 3: PlaceĀ the piecesĀ 

I’ve had a lot of practice creating repeatable patterns and believe me, it takes some getting used to. Through experience, I’ve found that it’s helpful to fill your edges first so you can figure out how to repeat the pattern without messing up your design. Then fill in the middle. And wah-lah! It repeatsbuckfeet-process-pieces-04

Step 4: Apply pattern

Pretty self-explanatory here. šŸ™‚Ā BucketFeet_Low-Top-Slip-On


Hopefully I’ll get a response from Bucketfeet at the end of the month.

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