Hi, I'm Kaitlin!

My career in design started in the advertising industry, working on websites, web and email campaigns, branding, etc. It was here that I witnessed the true power of understanding your consumers or users - knowing them well enough to craft experiences that lead to online conversions. Today, I find much more gratification in using that knowledge practically. Not to create sales or buzz, but to ensure pleasant experiences in everyday, online interactions. Because let's face it, everyday more and more of our lives include the use of technology so we might as well make it easy, or even fun, to use.

I am currently a Systems Analyst with a focus on UI/UX design and front-end development. The project I am working on at the moment is a web application which will be used to track and process accounts. See My Web Work

Through freelance work and personal projects I also have with traditional print design, photography, commissioned artwork and apparel and product design. Custom Jobs and Products

What do I do?

My role, as a UX/UI developer, is to analyze use cases and undertsand the intentions of users. Then to take that understanding and design an interface that makes this user journey the intuitive, effortless and pleasing to the eye.

I enjoy writing and have an exceptional skill level in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

I am well-versed in the latest Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Applications, my favorites and most frequently used being Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I am handy in setting up, monitoring, and analyzing Google Analytics (and Google Tag Manager).

I have experience strategizing campaign journeys and website content architecture.

Other skills include illustration, graphic design, photography and photo editing, handwritten and digital lettering, cinemagraphs.


Systems Analyst

eWorld Enterprise Solutions • 2020 to present

  • Currently the lead UI/UX Designer on a web large application project
  • Dual role of front-end dev on the same project when time permits
  • Advocating for importance and knowledge of UX/UI within the company

Freelance Designer

Self Employed • 2013 to present

  • Projects include a variation of creative endeavors ranging from logo design, website design and maintenance, print ads and brochures, photoshoots and photo editing, custom illustrations, etc.
  • Creative consultation and new company branding
  • Clients: Orasi Design, Gourmet Events Hawaii, Platinum Reporters & Interpreters, WhatAreVacationDays.com, Trende, Sew-It-Fits, Honolulu Zoo Society
  • Pro Bono Clients: JABSOM (UH Medical School), Playground Art Crew Coloring Book Contributor

Product Designer

Kait the Ambi Brand • 2016 to present

  • Products include: custom designed textiles, pouches, lapel pins, hand drawn greeting cards and gift tags, Aloha Shirts (in collaboration with Sew-It-Fits), and more
  • Products are sold at shops that support local artists such as MORI Art+Flea and The Trove (on the Big Island) as well as online on Etsy.com
  • Partners include Llama Mamas (unofficial brand for crafters)
  • Occasional appearances in craft fairs such as Season’s Best in Honolulu, Hi

Experience Designer

Anthology Marketing Group • 2015 to 2020

  • UX duties include wireframing websites and landing pages, user behavior research, documentation (content audits, hand off notes to back-end development team)
  • Art Direction - Overseeing production assistants on various projects, layout design, presentations of layouts to clients, documentation
  • Front End Development - development of front end website build, coding email templates
  • Production Work - resizing web banners, copy pour, image prep

Web Designer

FashionGo.net, Los Angeles, CA • 2014 to 2015

  • Designed websites, web banners and emails for B2B

Photo Assistant

Luxury Link, Los Angeles, CA • 2012 to 2013

  • Edited and curated photo galleries for luxury hotels


Loyola Marymount University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Multimedia Design
May 2013 • Los Angeles, CA


Retail Brand

  • Current retailer of handmade accessories on Etsy, Mori Art+Flea, and select craft shows
  • Fabric designer selling on Spoonflower.com

Etsy Shop

Balance - Art Show

  • Artist - Manifest Hawaii - Chinatown
  • August 2016

The Show

RAW Hawaii Show

  • Artist in group show
  • Hawaiian Brians
  • October 2014

UCLA Grand Challenges

  • Poster Design Winner
  • May 2014

Scholar Award

  • LMU Multimedia Design - Distinguished Scholar Award
  • May 2013