The Wedding Chatbot

For our wedding, I wanted to do something a little more interactive than just a postcard for the details for our big day. I thought […] Read More

Funtimes Web App

The Vision Gathering Requirements Brownie¬†Points Funtimes v1 Funtimes v2 The Working Prototype (Launch Funtimes Timer) The Vision The Funtimes web app was built as a […] Read More

Color Contrast Checker

I built the Color Contrast Checker while I as doing website redesigns when Web Accessibility became relevant. A lot of brands were having to update […] Read More

Honolulu Rotary website screenshot

Rotary Honolulu 2020

In 2019, the agency was tasked with creating the 2020 Rotary Convention website. The goal was to inspire members to sign up by highlighting Honolulu […] Read More