Reusable Greeting Cards

I’m proud to say that I am pro-recycle and believe in supporting environmentally friendly art! At the same time, I’m a sucker for stationary and handwritten notes. Traditionally, paper goods are used once and tossed away which doesn’t really fall inline with the whole reuse model. So, I’ve started making these re-usable greeting cards which include inserts that can be swapped out and refilled with each use allowing the greeting card to live beyond a single use.

I realize that the paper on the inside is still being thrown away, however, that’s better than throwing away a whole card right? I even plan to source recycled paper now that I’ve nailed down the design. I also try to reuse other materials for the little corner pieces holding the paper on the inside of the card – for this parts, I up-cycle thicker papers from old postcards, packing materials, or handouts that are just lying around.

Currently, I’m lining with whatever paper I have on hand (which is either blank or grid)
Each card starts with 5-6 inserts. Once the inserts run out, just cut to size and refill 🙂

The cards are still hand drawn. I can’t bring myself to do prints just yet. You can either choose from what I have in stock (I try to keep an inventory or Thank You and Birthday card) or you can request a custom set (min. 3 cards/$25).

Happy Birthday Bes-Tea
Hauoli la Hanau
You Are Pawesome

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