Collab with The Royal Hawaiian Center

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Royal Hawaiian Center marketing team on a foodie pattern inspired by poke and noodles. This October (2019), the Royal Hawaiian Center is giving away a free lunch tote, with said foodie pattern on it, to guests who order two or more signature dishes at any of the center’s participating restaurants.

I was so honored to be invited to their media event to kick off the promotion with tastings and picture perfect displays of all the ono dishes.

I owe a special thanks to the individual who put my name in the mix (you know who you are ;D ) Like I’m mentioned before, my art isn’t anything without anyone to admire it, so my success is thanks to people like her.

Below is a pic of the final design, but scroll on if you’re curious about how the pattern was adapted.

Ahi and Noodle Reusable Bags
A collab print to highlight some signature ahi and noodle dishes by some of the restaurants at The Royal Hawaiian Center

As usual, I started off with a sketch.

Sketch of Kawaii Hawaii
Sketch of Kawaii Hawaii RHC
Sketch of Floral Pattern
Sketch of Floral Pattern

Below are the very first vectorized versions of the patterns, when it hadn’t yet been deiced that the pattern would be used specifically for the Ahi and Noodle event.

This was my fun pattern. Everyone loves cute food patterns.
This was a safer, classic pattern.

The Kawaii Pattern was chosen, with a few adjustments. At this time, the client requested that a few of the food items were changed out.

Kawaii Hawaii RHC V2
Kawaii Hawaii RHC V2 – Span musubis, poke bowls, and noodles were added. The coconut, shave ice and guavas were removed.

Next, we experimented with the composition of the pattern.

We tried the pattern on white without hard edges.
And we also tried it in a circle.

In the end, we settled on the all over repeated pattern.

Kawaii Hawaii RHC Full Pattern
Full repeatable pattern. So much cute food!

And that was how we got to the final pattern!

The Royal Hawaiian Design Team did a really nice job designing the part of the bag with the large characters and all the accompanying collateral for their media event! Thank you guys!

To get your hands on the bag, go and eat at the Royal Hawaiian Center and order some signature dishes! For full details, visit their instagram.

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