Pals for Pages

Happy to introduce Page Pal Bookmarks by Kait the Ambi. Made these to help keep your place in your favorite book. They’ll put you in a good mood before reading and keep you in a good mood when you’re forced to put that book down.


This new product also introduces a new tool to my pen case – GellyRoll Glaze pens. When they dry, they give the black outlines an embossed look – yes, you can feel the lines! Plan to continue using these pens for select projects.

The bookmarks are packaged with a small strip of paper to show you where the pages will go. The bookmarks are paper, but I’ve added a light finish to  help seal the ink. While the finish helps the bookmark resist water, the paper is still not waterproof so be weary about where you place your bookmark.







Some of the doodles are split in fun places like the cat showing it’s butt and the puppy holding on to the page with its paws. I’ve included a small strip of paper made out of an potential new fabric print, to show where you can slip your page in. I have to admit, the strip of paper ended up looking like part of the design rather than a functional piece, but please don’t be afraid to rip it off before using your new page pal.


These will be available at Mori Art + Flea over at South Shore Market every now and then.


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