Commissioned Art

Half the fun of doing art for people is seeing their faces when they get the final product. So to ensure the most positive reaction, it’s important to be able to paint something that my clients connect to!

Not all of my customers know what kind of painting they want, they just know they like my style. In this situation it is my job to figure out what the customer wants. This process is similar to the discovery stage of a design project where the client is asked multiple questions to uncover a theme, feeling, or idea behind what they expect as the final product. The trick is to not ask them exactly what they want.

The featured image of the puppy and pineapples is based on a small dog who has a friendly disposition and loves fruits.



Sometimes, it’s as easy as becoming friends and knowing their hobbies! This one, as if it’s not obvious enough, was done for a Pokemon master’s office ;P


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  1. I work with your pops. He shared your site… Great to see your creativity! You get to do what you love which shows in your art and designs. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Marc! I feel blessed everyday to have found something I can make a living in, appreciate the thought. Let me know if you ever want to collab on a project. Looks like you do some pretty fun stuff too!

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