Namibia 2016


In May 2016, a close friend of mine (the same friend I traveled to Medellin with the year before) decided to once again venture to an unusual, unbeaten path. This time our destination was Namibia – located directly west of Botswana, on the northwestern border of South Africa and to the south of Angola.

We chose Namibia because from what little travel documentation we could find, it seemed like the “safest” country in Africa to visit. With a population of just 2.3 million spread across 318,772 mi² (compared to South Africa only slightly larger at 471,400 mi² with a population 52.98 million (in 2013)), Namibia delightfully open aired and slow paced.

For more sweet photos and a day to day breakdown, check out my Namibia2016 online journal! I make these custom microsites after all my big trips to keep my family and friends updated.


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