SystemMetrics Redesign

The objective of this redesign was to rebrand SystemMetrics as a top tier technology company. To create a look and feel that would appeal to not only the most tech savvy professionals of Hawaii, but also to mainland clientele. A second goal was to simplify content for an easier understanding of what SystemMetrics as a company has to offer.


SystemMetrics Before Redesign before redesign.

To give the brand a new, 2016 look, we kept a theme of sharp edges, thin fonts, and crisp imagery.

One of the major challenges we had was making servers look cool. I’m sure you all know what a server looks like…a black box with some blinking lights. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Yet, that is all we had to work with. To add a little spice to the photos of our servers, we incorporated motion, angles and just a slightest amount of gradient-ed brand elements (like the dotted triangle).

homepage after redesign.

To achieve the second goal, we simplified the page by reorganizing the content to be more focused. Rather than having multiple buckets of information visible at once, we created dedicated areas for promotions, information, announcements, etc – viewable one at a time.

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