Event Finder Survey

A User Testing and Prototype Project

Exploring the experience of A guided survey to help your book perfect cooking class for your group

During a Foundations of UX Design design course (MICA User Experience MPS), we were tasked with executing a user research project. We were asked to choose an existing product, research and design a product improvement and conduct usability tests on it.

My Project

Presentation Deck

Meet Your (Not so Average) Team


The Table Less Traveled (TTLT) Operations Manager

Assisted with uncovering and gathering business requirements and aspirations

Feedback Team

Peers & Usability Testers

Provide useful feedback for improving both project materials and solution wireframes and prototypes

UX Designer (Me

Project Moderator & Designer

  • Provide context during & moderating testing sessions
  • Objectively listen to and document feedback 
  • Create initial prototypes to properly represent the solution
  • Apply concise revisions to satisfy user feedback while respecting business requirements

Scope & Constraints

Timeline – Only one round of testing & revision. Limited time to gather and accommodate usability participants.

Lack of Budget – Inability to provide compensation for participation limited the pool of usability testing participants.

COVID Circumstances – All testing sessions were held over video calls.

How Might We…

How might we help a potential customer find their perfect class without overwhelming them with options or requirements? 

Previous research findings

  • Users believed, and often preferred, an online end-to-end booking experience
  • TTLT sales reps actually weren’t sales reps and preferred for this part of their job to be automated
  • A consultation is required for group classes due to the number of variables that need to be considered before a class can be determined as a fit for that event

research impacts on proposed solution

  • Helped to set the requirements and expectations of the proposed solution:
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to understand with access to more info if needed
  • Ability to collect the meaningful and accurate data
  • Efficient (complete task in one session)

current functionality

  • Requires a user to submit an inquiry
  • Wait for a reply
  • Set up an appointment
  • Talk to a sales person
  • Complete their booking

Goal of project

Design an improved experience where a potential customer could use the website to research and select a cooking class for a group event without having to contact a sales rep.

The Process

Sprint Map

A sprint map was created to illustrate the process from point A to point B.

  • Demonstrated various ways to use various levels of event details to find a class to book
  • At the very least, it appeared this problem could be solved with search functionality
  • However, since some required criteria often needed more explanation, I decided a guided survey might be more appropriate for this exercise

User Flow

A user flow identified a specific route to provide a solution for.

  • Focused on the guided survey path and identified scenarios within that path which the solution would have to cover. Such as:
    • Going back to change answers
    • Finding more information on a question
    • Selecting multiple options
    • Not having any results
    • Not having an answer


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